Russian Security Services

, 1991–
Since the August putsch of 1991, the leadership of Russia has sought to realign the internal components of the KGB into different organizations. The rapid changes of names in the years after the August putsch suggest efforts by President Boris Yeltsin to put his own stamp on the service. The major components of the security service are the internal counterintelligence components of the KGB; the most important are the Second and Third Chief Directorates, the Fourth and Sixth Directorates, and the Surveillance Directorate.
The security service has gone through a number of name changes.
• 1954–1991 KGB (Committee of State Security)
• 1991–1992 AFB (Federal Security Agency)
• 1992 MB (Ministry of Security)
• 1992–1995 FSK (Federal Counterintelligence Service)
• 1995– FSB (Federal Security Service)

Historical dictionary of Russian and Soviet Intelligence. . 2014.

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